CAMPFIRE has been supported by many different sponsors over the years and gets many different donations in kind, cash or in the form of grants to get specific projects off the ground. We are extremely grateful for support from the following groups and individuals who have played an important role in developing CAMPFIRE:

  • Norad
  • EU
  • DFID
  • WWF
  • FORD Foundation
  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation


At its inception, CAMPFIRE was implemented throught the CAMPFIRE Collaborative Group. Members of this group were responsible for co-ordinating the various inputs, including policy, training, institution building, scientific and sociological research, monitoring and international advocacy. The original members of the Group are represented here as service providers.

The CAMPFIRE Association represents Rural District Councils and therefore the interests of the rural communities involved in CAMPFIRE. The Association is the lead agency and co-ordinator of the programme, and chaired the CAMPFIRE Collaborative Group.

CAMPFIRE Service Providers (CAMPFIRE Collaborative Group)

The Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management, now Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, originally devolved its responsibilities for wildlife to Rural District Councils on behalf of rural communities. It provides the programme with technical advice on wildlife management to this day.

The Ministry of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development is responsible for the overall administration of the Rural District Councils, to whom the Appropriate Authority for wildlife management has been devolved.

Zimbabwe Trust focused on training, institution building, and the development of skills among community members and representatives.

The Africa Resources Trust monitored external policy and regulation that effects CAMPFIRE and provides information to decision-makers worldwide.

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) continues to provide ecological and economic research, monitoring, and advisory services to CAMPFIRE and also assists in training.

ACTION is best known for providing environmental education, training and materials to schools in CAMPFIRE districts.

The Centre for Applied Social Sciences at the University of Zimbabwe is involved in socio-economic research and monitoring within CAMPFIRE communities.