Zimbabwe’s Community Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE) hails the recent decision by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to lift the suspension of elephant trophy imports into the United States of America.  We encourage the USFWS and the President of the United States to stand by the decision to issue import permits for sport-hunted elephant trophies.

CAMPFIRE Association short video on strengthening the capacity of rural communities in non-lethal human and elephant conflict mitigation and wildlife conservation using sustainable and affordable low cost technology - the Chili gun (mhiripiri bomber) and an effective problem elephant pre-warning system in Tsholotsho Zimbabwe.


CAMPFIRE has a combined 2.4 million beneficiaries, made up of 200,000 households that actively participate in the program, and another 600,000 households that benefit indirectly from social services and infrastructure supported by CAMPFIRE income within districts. There are in excess of 120 elected and constituted Village and Ward CAMPFIRE Committees that operate through specific Traditional Leaders in their areas. ‘Communal' in the acronym CAMPFIRE, has since been changed to ‘Community' in order to focus on communities instead of the geographic spread of the programme.

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During the period 2010-2015, human and wildlife conflict in Zimbabwe’s communal areas has resulted in the loss of 88 lives,
Over 5000 livestock, 6000 hectares of crops, and irrigation and water supply equipment.
Some of the recent deaths include school children and heads of households as shown below:

Georges LodgeIntroduction and Background

The Gorges Lodge is a joint venture photographic tourism project between Matupula Safaris ( a private safari company ) and the local communities of Chisuma Village (under Ward 2) in Hwange District. The lodge is strategically situated within communal land 22 kilometers from the world-famous majestic Victoria Falls. The project was conceived, developed and operates under the auspicies and principles of the CAMPFIRE project. The project aim is to involve local communities in the conservation of natural resources that attract tourists to the area while simultaneously generating financial and social benefits from activities taking place locally and within the general environs of Victoria Falls.