Guruve: Poached Eggs
Crocodiles cruise the Manyame River in the Guruve CAMPFIRE area. With the growth of the commercial crocodile ranching industry in Zimbabwe, their nests have become valuable resources. After negotiation, crocodile farmers pay the local communities a fee for all the eggs they collect.

The communities have become quite protective of the crocodile nests. In Guruve's Chitsungo ward, some villagers went so far as to 'arrest' several egg collectors who they thought were in the area illegally. It turned out the collectors had the appropriate permits, but the arrests provide another example of how CAMPFIRE has prompted a new attitude among rural communities.

Before CAMPFIRE, the people went out of their way to destroy crocodile nests. Now they protect them and take pains to ensure that only proper collectors who will pay for the eggs work in their areas.