Why and when was the CAMPFIRE Association formed?
The CAMPFIRE Association was formed in 1991 to represent the interests of the districts who have communities that live with wildlife, and for them to be fully involved in the management of natural resources. In 1992 the CAMPFIRE Association took the leading role in the co-ordination of CAMPFIRE activities and the representation of the CAMPFIRE within national, regional and international fora.

What is CAMPFIRE revenue?
Under the 2002 Guidelines CAMPFIRE revenue is defined as, “the gross revenue that accrues directly or indirectly out of a community-managed, natural resource”. The gross revenue from the following activities should be treated as CAMPFIRE revenue and be disbursed according to the 2002 CAMPFIRE Revenue Guidelines.

Zimbabwe’s Wildlife Policy of January 1992 states that while the executive responsibility for all wildlife rests with the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, the Minister responsible for the Environment will allow for the management and use of wildlife as a privilege to Appropriate Authorities (AA) for various categories of land outside the Parks and Wildlife Estate, i.e. Forest Land (Forestry Commission), Communal Land (Rural District Councils), and freehold land (owner/occupier).

CAMPFIRE’s success over the years is the result of collaborative efforts by CAMPFIRE Service Providers, which include the Zimbabwean government’s wildlife, natural resources and local government ministries and departments, and selected local environmental NGOs, with support from major donors such as USAID.